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Over-gears, finished with hydraulic pumps, are designed to connect agricultural tractors’ PTO.  

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Speed reducers are used for connecting Orbital motors as Danfoss on earth-moving machines, winches, windlasses and agricultural machines for tomatoes and beets collection.

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Supports activate hydraulic pumps in the distance through belt pulley or chain pulley.

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Mechanical couplings are mainly used in sea industry on winches and windlasses.

Electromagnetic couplings, 12 and 24 Volt, let enganging and disenganging hydraulic pumps employed in marine sector (on boats and fishing boats), on garbage trucks and on air-conditioning units.

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Splined half-couplings, made in hardened and tempered steel 16CrNi4, are used for mechanical transmissions on electric motors and hydraulic power packs.

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